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  • Bobbi Boss wigs and hair extensions are celebration of today's ever independent and self-confident women, offering unlimited way of expressing positive self-identity and indulgence. It provides uncontested statement of beauty and style with the highest quality that no other brand can complete.

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Bobbi Boss African American Wigs

Wigs - All of Bobbi Boss Wigs are hand-crafted by experts in the most advanced facilities around the world with the up-to-date techniques. Exclusively selected human hair and fibers are of the best quality in the industry, in a wide spectrum of styles covering the classics to the trendiest. Bobbi Boss Wigs are renowned for their high level of satisfaction to our customers with great style selections, high level of comfort and exceptional durability.

Weaving - From the purest virgin remi & human hair weavings to the premium fiber weavings, Bobbi Boss Weaving line satisfies the demands and needs from the customers of all levels. Indiremi Weaving line is widely reputed for the unparalleled quality, especially known for sustaining original pattern and quality even after washing and handing.

Firstremi is also renowned for its exceptional quality and resilience, delighting the weaving wearers of the most exclusive class. Esprit and Premier Human Hair Weaving lines are created with the healthiest human hair with highest elasticity in the market. In the fiber weaving. Forever has been created with most exclusive fiber available in the industry, such as ultima, the only organic protein fiber, and futura from Kanekalone fiber line.

Braid - Bobbi Boss Braids consist of the best selling braids for last few decades. Jumbo Braid line has been the strongest, most demanded braid line in the market, with its quality proven to the clients through the years of satisfaction. From classic braid styles to pre-styled, interlock & curly styles, Bobbi Boss Braids are always in season for superb texture and style. All of the Bobbi Boss Braids are created with flame-retardant Premium Japanest Fibers.

Hairpiece - Instant style is possible with Bobbi Boss Hairpiece Lines, where having a stylish accent is done in less than a minute. With easy draw-string system, Bobbi Boss Hot Spring Series can transform an ordinary pony tail or a bun into a remarkable fashion statement. Add-On Series can conveniently add a wide range of up-do look in seconds, with securing comb and pins that comfortabhly hold onto the hair. Bobbi Boss Closure lines cover remi hair, human hair and fiber, which all of them flawlessly finishes the weaving style of any kind.

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