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  • Trend-setting styles, natural colorations and a relentless dedication to the customer have positioned Henry Margu Wigs as an industry leader. Dynamic styling, natural colorations and incomparable quality create the ultimate in hair fashions.

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How do you care for Henry Margu wigs?
Henry Margu wigs and hairpieces are easy to care for. Our superior fiber processing allows our products to "bounce" back to their original style if maintained and cared for correctly. Following are simple instructions to keep all Henry Margu products looking great:

  • Brush the wig or hairpiece thoroughly.
  • Rinse it in cold or lukewarm water.
  • Add a dash of Henry Margu Shampoo for Wigs and wash gently.
  • Rinse thoroughly in cold water to remove all shampoo.
  • Allow the wig or hairpiece to air dry thoroughly. Lay longer styles flat so the weight of the wet fiber does not pull out the curl pattern. Do not brush while wet, as it may permanently brush out any curl in the fiber.
  • After the wig or hairpiece is completely dry, Henry Margu Revitalizing Mist can be used to condition the fiber, making it more manageable and bringing back the original sheen.
  • The wig or hairpiece is now ready to be finger styled or brushed into the desired style. Henry Margu Mousse Spritz or Spray for Wigs can be used as styling aids to achieve the desired style.
  • Do not use curling irons, blow dryers, or other hot styling instruments as they may damage the fiber.

Are there any special tips to help maintain Henry Margu wigs and hairpieces?
Henry Margu Wig Care Products will help to maintain the life and beauty of any wig and will aid in keeping it in it's original condition. Other than this, caring for the wig or hairpiece correctly is the best way to keep it looking fresh and new. Remember, a wig is like a delicate garment; with the proper care, it will look beautiful.

  • Wash the wig or hairpiece regularly.
  • When not wearing the wig or hairpiece, make sure it is stored properly. Long styles should be hung or laid flat on a surface. Shorter styles should also be hung or put on a Styrofoam head or wig stand. Do not fold the wig or hairpiece when storing, especially for an extended period of time.
  • Be careful wearing a wig or hairpiece around areas of extreme heat such as a hot oven, fireplace or barbecue. While the fiber used on Henry Margu products is not flammable and does not pose a threat, extreme heat can damage the fiber making it frizz or brittle. Extra caution should be used when opening an oven door that is on a high temperature, as the burst of heat that is released can damage the fiber.
  • Always brush a wig from the bottom upwards. For longer styles, it is best to lie on a flat surface and brush from the bottom up. This will help to protect the fiber and will keep it from pulling out of the cap.

What is the difference between a monofilament wig and a regular wig?
Most wigs are produced with a lace fabric in the top of the wig. A monofilament wig, or mono-top wig, is made with a special material in the top area that is flesh colored. This monofilament material is a very fine lace material and takes on the color of the wearer’s scalp when worn.
Each individual strand of fiber is hand tied into the mono material, as opposed to being sewn to a lace fabric. As a result, a mono-top wig is much more natural looking than a regular wig in that the fiber can be styled in any direction while showing a natural and realistic looking scalp area.

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