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  • Follow the leader in African American wig fashion. Motown Tress has one of the most extensive collections of ebony wigs and hairpieces on the market today. Motown Tress wigs are designed with over 40 years of experience and follow the latest African American hair trends...

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Monofilament Skin - Most advanced and Natural Looking Skin Part. 100% Hand Tied One to Three Strands of Hair at a Time. Monofilament skin disappears when in use, showing the skin tone underneath. Hair direction can be changed by brushing the roots toward the desired direction.

Monofilament V-Knot Skin - 100% Hand Made Skin, Each Hair is Hand Implenated. Prevent Shedding for Longer Lasting Beauty. Toupee Like Material for wearing Comfort. Best Simluated Natural Hair Growth.

Accordion Construction - Self Adjusting Cap for More Comfort. super Vantilation for Cool Wearing. Multi-directional Hair on Top for Easy Styling. Simulates Natural Hair Growth - Lighter Weight with a Fuller Look.

Honey Comb Construction - It is completely different from the ordinary wig design. It allows the greatest ventilation. More cool air can reach your scalp for cool comfort all the time. It allows hair to disperse in multi directions while conventional design lets only one direction. It simulates the natural hair growth as in your own hair. With less hair, it makes a wig look fuller. It provides a more comfortable and secure fir with its four way stretchability.

Quick-n-Easy Half Wigs - Hair wigs have been around for decades and have always been offered to you by Motown Tress. Only the best wig stores and salons have offered these products to the public as an alternative to Hair Extension and Full Wigs.

The Secret is Out! Half Wigs are gaining increasing popularity for those who are tired tired of spending so much time trying to make their own hair beautiful and are not ready to step into a full wig. Half Wigs give you the winning combination of the ease and beauty that Full Wigs do and the natural look of you own hair.

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