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  • WOW by Daisy Fuentes™ - Do you want hair that's glam and go? Your hair isn't just a statement. It's an entire story. Whether long and blonde, edgy and cool or high and mighty, if you want to add volume or play with a look, my WOW™ wigs and extensions let you write your daily beauty destiny.

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Keralon™ Light - When you think synthetic hair do you think heavy? Surprise! LUXHAIR® Keralon™ Light was developed for the HOW™ collection to the exact denier, thickness and weight as natural human hair. Made only for and by us, it's also treated with a Keratin Conditioning Treatment to leave hair soft, silky and truly better than the real thing.

Care Guide - NOW and WOW collections with Keralon™ Plus Fiber Wigs and Extensions. The proper care of your Keralon™ Plus fiber wig or extension will keep it looking like new. Most women find it best to have a second hairpiece to use while allowing the proper time for cleaning and drying their first hairpiece.

Step 1: Use a shampoo specifically formulated to clean wigs for synthetic hair. In a sink or basin, mix a capful of wig shampoo in cool water and immerse your hairpiece. Let soak for a few minutes. Agitate gently and rinse in cool water until all shampoo is removed.

Step 2: Refill the sink or basin with clean, cool water and add a small amount of wig conditioner for synthetic hair. Immerse hairpiece and agitate gently. DO NOT RINSE OUT CONDITIONER. Remove hairpiece and gently comb through any tangles. Blot dry in a towel and then gently shake.

Step 3: Replace hairnet and allow your hairpiece to air dry on a wig stand. DO NOT BRUSH OR STYLE THE HAIRPIECE UNTIL IT IS COMPLETELY DRY.

Step 4: Once dry, remove the hairnet. Style as desired. STYLING TOOLS SHOULD NOT EXCEED 320º F.

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